Queen Quilt Cover Sets



    Queen Quilt Cover Sets

    Doona covers are an easy and inexpensive way to change the look of your bedroom at a moment’s notice. Our luxury queen quilts come in a variety of styles, colours and patterns to help rejuvenate your bedroom or transform the mood.  

    Choosing The Right Queen Quilt Cover Sets

    Quilt covers come in a variety of materials and design inspirations to suit all tastes, bed styles or preferences. Getting the mix right will land you with one that's perfect for your needs.

    We offer beautiful designer queen quilt covers made from cotton in a range of thread counts to achieve differences in feel and weight. You can enjoy 100% cotton in our best selling Parisia Multi or soft 100% cotton sateen in our Lyvia set. Each is made from high quality material but will provide a very different feel, the choice is yours.

    Thread count is only important when comparing like materials, as different materials will feel and breath differently even when at the same thread count. For our cotton queen quilt covers they are between 300-500 in thread count, which we believe is a perfect level for cotton queen quilt cover sets in the Australian climate. When paired with one of our Australian wool quilt inners in winter you will be warm and cosy all season. For cooler nights throughout the warmer months, simply add one of our throw rugs for comfortable sleeping.

    Every quilt cover set in the LUXOTIC collection was designed by our talented team in our Sydney design studio. Led by one of Australia's leading textile designers, Edward Li, our team has created stunning designs for Versace, Missoni, Bed Bath & Beyond, and countless other internationally acclaimed brands.

    LUXOTIC is a blend of luxury and a taste of the exotic. Though our quality textiles vary in their styles and colours, they're each finely detailed, innovative, and on-trend. Whether you're shopping for one of our Queen Size, Double Size, King Size, or Super King Size Sets, you're sure to find something that will transform your bedroom.

    Please note, our Queen Size Quilt Cover Sets come with one 210x210cm quilt cover and two 48x73cm standard size pillowcases.

    Gorgeous Floral Queen Quilt Covers

    We offer a wide variety of floral quilt covers, all of which are digitally printed onto high thread count 100% cotton fabrics. While some are incredibly vibrant and colourful, we also carry covers that are more subtle and demure. 

    We also have several designs that feature non-flowering plants, such as botanical leaves. These tranquil designs are perfect for bedrooms that use more neutral colours, like charcoal, white, and beige. 

    Elegant Luxury Quilt Covers

    Every quilt cover in the LUXOTIC set is luxurious, but there are certainly a few that stand out from the pack. This includes a selection of lavish 500-thread-count Egyptian cotton covers, all of which strike the perfect balance between thickness and breathability. 

    Available in serene colours such as blue, emerald, lilac, purple, and sunset, our luxury covers will transport you to paradise.

    Exotic Designer Quilt Covers

    If you're looking for one of our more eye-catching exotic patterns, there's plenty to choose from. There are gorgeous arabesque-style designs, modern bohemian inspired prints, and multiple Asian-inspired patterns.

    Whether you're drawn to the aesthetic of Japanese gardens or the gardens of the Ming Dynasty, LUXOTIC is sure to have a quilt cover that catches your eye.

    Order Queen Doona Covers Online with LUXOTIC

    Have you found the Queen Size Quilt Cover of your dreams from our wide selection? 

    Whether you live in Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere else in the world, ordering with us couldn't be easier. There are no hidden fees, no interest, and no upfront payments. 

    If you'd like to enquire about wholesale purchases, please don't hesitate to contact us by calling +61 2 9699 7603 or emailing service@LUXOTIC.com.au.